Hospital Transport Volunteers
There seems to be trouble with hospital transport, either not available or only a one way trip. The thought was there to organise a group of volunteers to give a lift to members of the village that are struggling with the transport system.
It will be co-ordinated from Binbrook and give those that can’t drove and have little option but to use a taxi an easier way of getting to and from Local Hospitals and Doctors.
If you are have the time, ability & means to volunteer as a driver please pass your name to Hilary Fry 398153 at Cooks Cottage. This could be a great scheme to help your neighbours.

We have had the winds of Ciara and there is more to come and in many incidences damage has been done to trees fences and buildings. Perhaps now is the time to warn householders , especially those on their own or those who might be vulnerable to pressure, that there are people going from door to door in the village pointing out damage and asking for high sums of money to make things good.
These people , in a very modern transit vehicle, were in the village approximately six months ago and talked their way into mending roofs, cleaning gutters and unnecessary gardening works all at a very high rate to the householder.
We suggest that if anyone is approached by someone pointing out work that needs doing, that a second opinion/quote is asked for from another local builder/gardener/roofer, someone that you can check on locally. It could save hundreds of pounds being unnecessarily spent.

For information we have received reports today of a large volume of Scam Calls from the number 020 33895667 claiming to be from the HMIC claiming that a warrant is in place for your arrest.
These are Scam Calls and please do not answer these and report it to your Phone Provider so the number can be blocked.
Thank you for continued vigilance on this and making us aware of this issue.
Regards PCSO Nigel Wass