Louth Road Flooding update

Below is a statement  issued on ELDC’s social media channels today and to local radio stations in an attempt to help with informing residents of what is being done and what support is available.

In an effort to resolve the ongoing issues of excess groundwater in Binbrook, officers from the District Council are working closely with colleagues from Anglian Water, Lincolnshire County Council Highways, Platform Housing and Lindsey Marsh Drainage Board. Over the coming weeks there is a planned schedule of works that will aim to rectify the issues that have emerged. Whilst there is a desire to keep the level of disruption to residents to a minimum, we are conscious that there will be an increase in vehicles and equipment accessing the village during this time. We would like to thank the residents for the patience whilst this problem is being resolved and ask everyone to be vigilant of the increased levels of staff, vehicles and equipment that will be moving around the village.

If any residents have any concerns that are causing upset or distress and feel they need support, our Wellbeing Service may be able to assist. Our Customer Services team can be contacted on 01507 601111 and will be able to direct your call to the Wellbeing Service if required.

Christine Yates
Communications and Engagement Officers

Flood Prevention

We want to encourage you to sign up to the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Service so we can let you know the latest information in your area that could affect your property. Call 0345 988 1188 to do this, or do it online www.gov.uk/flood.
In addition to a period of prolonged wet weather over October, Lincolnshire has received the entire November average rainfall in just 2 weeks. This has resulted in heavily saturated catchments, elevated river levels and in some places elevated ground water levels. In a number of cases, record river levels have been documented. We are expecting more rain of over the winter period so the risk of flooding remains high.
We will continue to operate the flood storage reservoirs around Lincolnshire where necessary and are discharging main rivers out to sea to bring down river levels. Our flood storage reservoirs have already protected over 8000 properties from flooding.
We are working with our partners, such as the Internal Drainage Boards and NFU, to manage the impact to agricultural land and livestock farms. Our teams are also on the ground assessing urgent repairs to damaged or over-topping defences across the county as well as understanding the longer term options for recovery from the flooding.
Check your flood risk, stay up to date with the latest flood alerts and warnings and sign up to receive free flood warnings by calling 0345 988 1188 or visiting www.gov.uk/flood. Stay tuned to local news for updates and follow us on Twitter: @EnvAgencyMids
We ask that people avoid walking along flood banks, using low lying footpaths near local watercourses and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded. Don’t drive through flood water, just 30cm is enough to move your car and risk your safety.
Flood water can contain sewage and other harmful substances. Where possible avoid contact with, and keep pets away from, flood water. Always wear waterproof clothing, gloves, wellington boots and a face mask if contact is unavoidable.
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